PLSPRO 3000W Led Strobe Atomic Working In Al Maqam TV in Algeria


A sublime evening with an extraordinary audience! The big family of the Les Andalouses complex hosted an exclusive event. Organized by Al Maqam TV in Algeria. PLSPRO's 3000W LED STROBE ATOMIC series was used.

For a series of audiences. The performers on the stage need to render a warm atmosphere to the surrounding audience. The 3000W LED STROBE ATOMIC can play this role very well, only need 3 units to create a powerful strobe effect. In line with the climax of the music rhythm.

The whole project design is worked by EUROSAT SONOVISION company. This is the most prestigious company in Algeria. It uses PLSPRO equipment as a solution for outdoor performances. EUROSAT SONOVISON has been dealing with various large and small performances for more than 20 years, representing many worlds Top brands such as MARTIN AUDIO, NEXT AUDIO, PIONEER DJ, CHAUVET, etc... Its CEO Bouziane Didi said that outdoor performances must have high temperature and waterproof equipment. Because the temperature in the desert reaches 40°C or even higher. In harsh environments The need to maintain the performance of professional lighting equipment is very important.