PLSPRO 250W FRESNEL LIGHT Installation In Ritmu Festival Argotti Gardens


Does FRESNEL LIGHT the good solution for stage performers?

As a COB light source, FRESNEL LIGHT has a very high color rendering index. It is especially suitable for performers on the stage. With the popularity of FRESNEL LIGHT in recent years. Whether it is a band performance or a large outdoor performance, FRESNEL LIGHT is It is an essential professional lighting equipment.

The Ritmu Roots Festival company in Malta used PLSPRO's 250W LED FRESNEL LIGHT series for outdoor performances. The installation project was in charge of THE AV WAREHOUSE MALTA. This is a professional lighting and sound company in Malta. It has more than 20 years of professional lighting design and Installation experience. Specialized in providing high-quality solutions for different performances.

In this outdoor installation project, Ritmu Roots Festival company used 20 sets of PLSPRO 250W FRESNEL LIGHT for a small stage performance. The powerful 90Ra color rendering index highlights the image of the performers on the stage.

The use of PLSPRO 250W FRESNEL LIGHT is considering that it has a zoom range of 15-60°. It can be suitable for different projection distances according to the height and size of the stage. The luminous flux of 250W can reach 20000LM and the color rendering index can reach 95Ra. It is a cost-effective Very high equipment. Since THE AV WAREHOUSE invested in 2021, the product has been used for 3 years. It is still in good status.