What equipment will be selected within 50 meters for general small outdoor installation projects? PLSPRO BEAM 230W and MAC AURA can be a good solution.

THE GATHERING was founded in 2019 from a passion of a group of friends from Arad. Their desire to create one of the biggest events in Romania has been fulfilled since the first edition when over 300 cars registered for the event . An Events is about the display of its racing cars.

The design scheme was provided by Quintett Group, a famous lighting and sound company in Romania. The BEAM 230 and MAC AURA of PLSPRO participated in the installation. The event was successfully held.

BEAM 230W, as the first epoch-making beam moving head light. It has powerful brightness output and pure beam sense. Fast XY axis movement and the effect of 8 prisms + 16 prisms. Increase the coverage of the beam. Especially for large-scale The venue (outdoor installation project) is a very necessary function. The OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 230W light source is used, and the luminous flux reaches 9800LM.

"The sense of light beam must be uniform, whether it is a prism or a pattern projection, all the energy must not be concentrated in the center and cause the edge of the pattern to appear Weak brightness." Andrei Kresan requested,the CEO Of Quintett Group.

Regarding WASH, the 19 MAC AURA series has become a perfect solution. The weight is only 8Kg, easy to install and disassemble. Especially for mobile installation projects. And it has a zoom distance of 10-60°. Beam and WASH modes can Feel free to change. In addition, the BACK LIGHT effect of MAC AURA is a very unique visual. It is very suitable for the stage background. Create the multi-level effect of EYE CANDY.

These two solutions are undoubtedly the most popular and cost-effective professional lighting at present.