PLSPRO is used to upgrade the lighting equipment of GEREJA IMPACT COMMUNITY INDONESIA


The GEREJA IMPACT COMMUNITY INDONESIA Church, located at Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240, is undergoing an upgrade of lighting equipment in June 2022. In this venue, the 250W LED FRESNEL LIGHT of PLS PRO and the 350W BSW HYBRID LIGHT of 19 B EYE K10,350W BSW HYBRID LIGHT This device provides a good solution for it.

LED FRESNEL LIGHT is responsible for highlighting the image of stage performers. With its color rendering index exceeding 90Ra, it highlights the image of stage performers. Through the zoom range of 15-60°, the projection distance and the area of the light spot can be controlled.

19*15W B EYE uses KAILEDAO EFFECT to create multi-level light beams. It uses 19 Osram OSTAR chip light sources. And a zoom range of 4-60°, each chip can control the color independently. Let the PIXEL effect be available. It hangs On the top of the stage truss, facing the auditorium. The atmosphere of the scene can be rendered through the PIXEL BEAM effect.

350W HYBRID LIGHT uses PHILIPS MSD 17R light source. It has a thick and pure beam effect of 8000K. 350W HYBRID LIGHT has three function combinations of BEAM, SPOT and WASH. It is the most commonly used hybrid moving head lamp at present. Powerful beam sense It can create a climax atmosphere with the best music on the scene. The SPOT function can project a large area of patterns to cover the entire auditorium and stage. The WASH effect can create soft light. It is suitable for some soft music.

I am very grateful to the ASIIS team and PLS for their close communication and trust. This is a lighting and sound company established in 2006 with more than 17 years of experience. It has a very high evaluation in Indonesia. "With higher and higher requirements. Lighting The effect is no longer live. It is aimed at some live audiences. Lights must have a high color rendering index.In the future, PLS equipment needs to continuously improve the quality to meet more and more complex and changeable solutions.” said Tommy Hartono of the ASIIS team. He is famous for his rigorous work attitude and the provision of world-class brand lighting and sound equipment .This is due to the fact that they have a mature and passionate team in charge of the entire installation project.