Beam/Spot/Wash Scene Design

Do you Have Good Scene Design Suggestions When Rentals & Dj Ask you Professional Lighting?

Rentals and Dj, the problem they face every day is how to make a good solution for different projects.
As a Pro Light Distributor.Some savvy Rentals company and Dj, they will take the wisdom to choose the lighting equipment of the right budget. All we need to do is to provide product features and warranty to inform the product is enough.
However, for some Rentals companies and DJs who have just come into contact with professional lighting, they need to understand the characteristics of the Pro lightings fixture and how to design.
This is a process that we need to communicate with them for a good time. If Distributor can give them solutions and save Money. They will treat you as God.
When you sell products or give solutions, you always encounter some problems, such as how to match Beam, Spot, and Wash. Whether it is DJ or Rentals Company.
Sometimes when DJ and Rentals consult Pro lightings, We need to try to communicate with them difficultly, especially for some DJs and Rentals companies who have just started their careers.

It is Time to Redefine the Scene-Replacing The Complex & Traditional Beam/Spot/Wash.

No matter what kind of lighting we encounter, it is actually a very simple thing. We try to re-divide professional lighting roles.
That is, Points-Lines-Coverage.
Because if it is divided by function (Beam, Spot, Wash). It is difficult for us to instill the function and value of the light.
But we try to simply pass the "Point-Line-Coverage" principle. We can clearly make the Rentals Company and DJs learned How they should choose Pro Lighting fixtures and Design Scenes.

What Is Coverage of scene

What is coverage? As the name implies, coverage refers to the background color required for a scene.
The overall effect is just like a painter. When they design an oil painting, they need to lay out a whole scene first. Because the scene is a background color. We need to communicate with the person in charge of Project.
For example, what is the theme of Proejct?
In this way, we can choose the appropriate color of the Wash lights according to the needs of the project? At the same time, we can also choose the number of lights according to the coverage of the scene. And the angle of the illuminated lights. 

In additional to the Wash light,we also need to choose Gobos Light to cover. As shown in the picture.
The most popular luminaire is the Mythos 440W CMY,Chauvet Rogue RH350W,Robe Pointe 280W series.
Of course, when choosing a Moving Spot light, we need to consider its angle and the area covered by the irradiation. In this way, the Rentals Company can perform Spot Light statistics based on the actual site.

About the Linear Factor
In addition to Coverage design. What we need to think about is, what does the lines design? Basically, the line is an element necessary to change the rhythm. Like The beam effect and laser effect is part of the line element.
In the scene,the light beam and the beam of movement.It often moves with the change of music melody.
In addition to the powerful Column, the beam light can also play 8 prism, 16 prism and other effects, making the line more diversified.

How To Understand "Point" Element???

As a point element, we can understand it as an effect element on the stage space. The realization of the effect often requires effect lights on professional performances.
And these elements need to be created by Fixture in a static state.
Such as 3 Ring Control's Vizi Beam. Kailedao Effect's B Eye & Eye Candy effect's Mac Aura. The direction of these lightings need to face the audience to achieve the effect.

When purchasing professional lighting at Rentals, Distributor might as well try to ask them what project they used to deal with. At the same time, we can give him some corresponding ideas. We always adhere to a purpose that can help him save money and achieve his ideal Lighting effects.
In fact, when recommending professional lighting, we need to make a table of the product attributes of professional lighting, as well as the projection range, brightness value, Dealer price, etc...., so that Rentals company can make a clear comparison. and what is the cost they need to pay for it.