What lightings are Dj Need


When DJ received the project, they were happy to use professional lighting such as SolaSpot or other similar fixtures from Robe, Clay Paky and Martin. Now, if you're doing a big show on a big budget, or if you need the sturdy building quality you've designed for the tour, that's great. But for many people, the harsh reality is that money is tight, so the natural temptation is to buy a budget kit.
Many of us in the professional industry will remember a time, and it’s not that long ago, when we would scoff and scorn at the idea of using LED in our rigs. But as the technology continues to mature and we get a better quality of light with better LED engines that also feature excellent dimming characteristics it’s become more and more common to see them.
What this also means is that the same technology starts to filter down into cheaper offerings. How To use the suitable DJ lightings to create a beautiful effect??? Which is the main topic for Dj buyer.

DJ Inno Pocket 60W-The most mini Led Spot light easily installation

The spot features a single white 30w LED, which on projection isn’t as bright as the wash or beam. But given that the wash spreads over a wide-angle, the spot is only projecting a 10° beam. but its 800Lux@5m.The optics for such a cheap light are also surprisingly good and make the most out of the 30w available. It’s a nice white LED that’s not too blue, the color temperature it right around the 6000k mark.That is enough for brightness in Disco Project.

The Mini Wash Led Can Be Create Strong Wash Angle In Disco Party.

This is the LED wash fixture. many Dj was suitably impressed by the output of this light, it’s by far the brightest of the bunch consisting of 7 x 12w quad colour LEDs giving a total output of 144w over a suitably impressive 40°. The thing to notice here which is where the low-budget comes into play is the fixed beam, there is no zoom, manual or otherwise. Now that’s not in the least bit surprising given the cost and it’s often difficult not to become too overly critical of things because Dj used to more expensive fixtures with more advanced offerings. Treat this as you would any standard RGBW wash light, but with the added bonus of pan and tilt! Compared to many generic RGB parcans DJ can buy the price is not even that much higher than a good quality unit. So for small venues you could almost argue that installing these is a better value option than buying generics!

The Beam light Only 2 Kg.But Create a strong Beam in the Show 

The 10w LED Moving Head Light is an ideal piece of equipment for any stage or mobile lighting rig. Featuring a Lumi Engine LED light, this professional light gives a clear wash of white light in a lightweight and easy to use chasis. The DMX 512 compatible light has 2 selectable channel modes as well as a master/slave function to link up to a rig of different lights.
The Mini Beam is a high quality moving head light with an intense 10w and high quality Lumi Engine LED light that creates a great wash of white light suitable for any application. The mini light creates a focused spot, which makes it great for smaller applications or as a group to create a full light show.
This moving head light has two different channel selects, making it suitable for any different size of DMX controller. On this light, there 5 and 10 channel modes, which give the raw simplicity of the light for smaller rigs and a professional multi-function light for larger scale rigs.
The Mini Beam has a selection of different programming modes to choose from, which allows the light to be as versatile as possible. The light is DMX 512 compatible, making it possible to use on any stage rig with any DMX controller. As well as that, a master and slave mode have been added so that the lights can be linked up in to a set of similarly talking lights. The moving head has a sound activation mode, meaning that it will operate to any music, making it a great tool for discos or bands.

When new DJ buys the lights from DJ shop, they usually choose some Dj lightings that can meet the low budget project. The Adj series Inno Pocket, Inno Beam and Wash can meet the needs of their DJs. Cheap. Lightweight, easy to install and disassemble, it can meet the functions of Beam, Spot and Wash. Very suitable for mobile performances.That is the reason they become popular in market...