Atomic3000 Led Most Brightness???

Mac Atomic 3000W Led Strobe Appears at Ballon Dor Award

What is the Greatest Player in the World 2019? The Answer is Leo Messi!!!

But What is the Most Brightness Led Strobe Light in the 2019? 

When the strobe concept has become an essential concept for top performance occasions. With the ballon Dor event in 2019 this year. As the most high-profile award ceremony of international football. Atomic 3000W Led became the winner of the 2019 ballon Dor Another protagonist outside Leo Messi. Compared to the beam, wash, and Spot. Strobe function has become an essential element of the concert.

Like other strobe lights, Atomic 3000W LED has very high frequency flicker. However, its brightness is the highest ever. It has 226 CREE Led Chips. Each Led has 10W white light. It has a total brightness of more than 2000W. This power is No strobe light can be compared. On this basis, as an effect light, it adds the Flash effects of Red, Green, Blue in backlight panel. It is the same as Martin's Mac Aura. It has the Eye Candy effect and makes the function more diversified. This is a very breakthrough innovation, as shown below.

How to Make an Atomic 3000W Led as good as Martin?

To create such a product, we need to understand its functions. And appearance. Because if you need to create strobe lights with the same quality standards as Martin. We need to find the same power source as it does. Create a lens like Martin. Very Thankfully, we succeeded.

This is a redesigned Atomic 3000W Led Strobe Light with 99% similarity. Like the original Martin. Its flicker frequency is still high. In order to achieve the same effect as the original. We use CREE LED CHIP 10W. The overall brightness is up to LUX.

In addition, in order to achieve the same sense, our shell and original also maintain a 1: 1 design. Including we respect the way the Rentals company uses it. Neutrik Powercon True 1 is installed.

Our functions and channels are designed according to the original 1: 1. If you want to learn more. Welcome to check our VIDEO: