B.Eye&Aura Output Compete

How To Choose Wash Light?

Mac Aura - a Led Wash light made by Martin lightings, breaks through the monotony of traditional Led dyeing to create a unique effect with Eye Candy Effect. With its 7Kg weight and 3850LM high brightness, it is the most popular use in nightclub,Bar,and small gigs. 
B EYE K10 - A breakthrough innovative LED wash light from Clay Paky. Each LED can be individually controlled, while the front lens can be rotated to create a unique Kailedao Effect. 
Maverick MK2 refers to the production method of Chauvet Professional. Each LED chips has a brightness of 40Watt and has a very powerful breakthrough in heat dissipation technology. and also, it can be individual control each Led Chips.It is the brightest Led Wash light on the market. 
We often encounter many different events that need to provide solutions, as well as different Rentals company lighting consultations, how to properly sell to the Rentals company, how to provide the perfect solution according to their functions, will be a problem often faced by  lighting Distributor.

Firstly,these three lightings with very powerful beam effects. Especially MAVERICK MK2,it has 12*40W Red, Green, Blue, White. Total of 280W output. In the range of 7m can be create above 10000 Lux output. Each led chips can be individual controlled.That makes the Beam line is very strong, 
B Eye K10 has the same concept as the Maverick MK2. It is made of 19 pieces 15W OSRAM LED CHIPS. The total power is only 285W. Led Chips can be individual control. In this base, B Eye K10 also has Fx Effect.Its front lens can be rotated. This is a feature that Maverick does not have. 
Compared to MK2 and B EYE K10, MAC AURA's beam sense line type Not powerful enough, but the Mac Aura's beam is more like a beam of light, purity. The lighting source Like some Discharge lamp, with the characteristics of his frsenl lens, the beam is the same as the traditional 575W wash. 
For Compared to their Beam Effect, our engineer take a picture in our showroom and try to check what is the difference in following:  

From the above comparison, we can deeply understand that the most intense beam is Maverick MK2 (Left side). It projects the largest spot area.The thinnest area belongs to B EYE K10 (Middle side). Because his minimum focusing angle is only 4 degrees, he can concentrate all 19 LED beams in a very narrow area.The rightmost Martin Mac Aura. It has the finest angle of only 10 Degree. And it has no beam lines like MK2 and B EYE K10. MAC AURA is more like a cylindrical beam effect.To understand more, our Engineer is testing their brightness, the test distance is 7meters. Please check the following: 




We can also clearly understand the Output comparison within the range of 7 meters. 
10360Lux(MK2)>6390Lux(B EYE)>1600Lux(Aura). 
Because of the data difference caused by the Power of Led chips and the Optical Lens, or else the bigger difference lies in the focusing angle. 
Mac Aura's focusing angle It is 10 Degree,while MK2 and B EYE K10 have a minimum angle of 4 degrees. 
The output of light is more concentrated. This leads to a very large difference in data.

MacAura,B Eye,Maverick MK2 Wash Effect Compare:

Undoubtedly, they all have a very strong washing effect. By contrasting the zoom angle, we can understand that Maverick' washing angle is 36 degrees, and the Bee Eye K10 and Mac Aura washing angles are 60 degrees at the same time.

Because of The MK2(Left side) has only 36 degrees of focus. The projection spot will be more concentrated. It can be clearly seen through the picture. The focus angle is 36 degrees. The ground is projected in the middle. Its area is the same as that of the Bee Eye K10 (Middle side). That is to say, the Eye Eye K10's 60 degree zoom angle is much larger than the MK2's projection focusing coverage.

On the right, Mac Aura, because of its lens problem, it cannot create the same output as Bee Eye and MK2. We can see that the brightness of Mac Aura is obviously inferior to MK2 and Bee Eye. Or else Martin Mac Aura has a 60 degree Zoom Angle, that makes the area covered by its projection is much larger than MK2.

In general, they have their own advantages. MAC AURA has the advantages of fast speed and large focusing angle. The washing effect is very good in 5-10m. But the beam is not as good as MK2. Compared with the other two, MK2 The beam effect is the best, yet it has a focus angle of 36 degrees. The coverage is always limited. BEE EYE K10, whether it is beam (4 degree) or wash (60 Degree), is better than MK2. Brightness is better than Mac Aura. But it is heavier and slowly. 
We recommend MK2 and B EYE K10 in some quality large-scale mobile performances, and some Theater, Church, etc. where the brightness is very high standard (projection distance is more than 15m). 
In some bars, in the Disco Party, we recommend using Martin Mac Aura. The projection distance is 5-10m.