B Eye K10

B Eye K10
1:1 Design as the classic B Eye K10 by Clay Paky. breaks the traditional LED Wash Light's functional limitations. It can have hybrid function include Beam Wash Kailedao Effect and each LED bead can be controlled separately. And Front Lens Can Be Rotation.With the reduction in production costs. The B Eye K10 are serving a lot of Rentals companies and bars the church.Theater Project. is currently the most powerful LED Wash Light
Source & Optics
Led Chip:  RGBW 4 IN 1
Led Lifespan:  50,000 h
Lens: Aspheric lens structure  
Electronic zoom Range:  4-60°
Color Temperature:2500-8000K linear adjustable
Dimmer:0-100% linear electronic dimmer
Strobe:  Slow strobe: 1 flash/sec
Fast strobe: 25 flash/sec

Photometric data
4º Beam angle: 23.000 lux @ 10m
º Wash angle: 980 lux @ 10m 

Effects and functions
Individual led control 
RGWB auto-tuning to lamp CT Emulation
Bi-directional rotation lens
Adjustable speed stop/strobe effect,with instantaneous blackout
Operating Modes: wash mode , beam mode ,shape mode ,effect mode (Vortex effect,FX :Kaleido Effects)
Automatic power safety derating in case of overheat of the LED board Forced ventilation

DMX Channels: 21/35/78/97/92
Operation modes: DMX, Master/Slave, auto y sound/active

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
16-bit resolution
Auto repositioning

DMX coonectors: 2 XLR (XLR-3 in & out)
Power supply: PowerCON® in/out
LCD display
Dimensions: 300x230x370 mm. 
Weight: 17.9 Kg.