Rogue One 350

Rogue One 350
This is a luminaire designed with reference to the Chauvet Rogue ONE 350W. Compared to the Robe Pointe 280W it has a projection angle of 38 degrees almost twice that of the Robe Pointe 280W.In addition Chauvet Rogue One also has the function of superimposing prisms on each other. 8 prisms and 6 prisms superimposed. With the work of rotating patterns you can create a unique visual effect. This is much more powerful than Robe Pointe.Compared with Robe PointeThe projection distance of 30-40 meters can still produce a very clear pattern shape. This is not available in Robe Pointe
Source & Optics
Lamp: Discharge short arc lamp with integrated reflector
Approved model: Osram Sirius HRI 350W 
Lifetime: 2.000 hours @ 350W Standard mode
CRI: 80/90
CCT Light Output: 6.300 K, CCT Lamp: 7.500 K
Ballast: Electronic

Photometric data
Beam mode: 9.870 lm, 127.400 lx @ 20 m; 
Spot mode: 5.150 lm, 98.000 lx @ 5 m

Effects and functions
Color wheel: 13 dichroic filters + white
Rotating Gobo Wheel, with 9 bidirectional and indexable gobos, 3D pattern effect (outside diameter: 15,4 mm, image diameter: 13 mm)
Static Gobo wheel with 14 fixed gobos, at variable rotation
Prism 1: 8-facet circular prism rotating in both directions at different speeds
Prism 2: 6-facet linear prism rotating in both directions at different speeds
Zoom: parallel beam angel 2.5°-30° change
Wash effect : adjustable Wash effects angle
Focus: linear adjustment
Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment
Strobe : Double lens strobe (0.5-9 times/ second)

DMX Channels: 16/24CH
Operation modes: DMX, Master/Slave, auto y sound/active

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
16-bit resolution
Auto repositioning

DMX coonectors: 2 XLR (XLR-3、5 in & out)
Power supply: PowerCON® in/out
LCD display
Dimensions: 640x400x240 mm. 
Weight: 27 Kg.